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Posted by Pc Software | 08 Dec 2015 | Messaging and Chat

EZTalks is a powerful video conferencing app that has a fresh looking user interface, which enables you to communicate with others. The app is well designed and can be used for online education, online training, online meeting, online webinars and online presentations.

In addition to the standard free version of EZTalks, the developers also offer a server version for any enterprise or organization to deploy in their own network.

Key Features Include:

  • Start or schedule a meeting: Just click one button to set up a meeting with EZTalks Windows App. .
  • Invite attendees for your meeting: invite anyone you want for the meeting, like friends, colleagues, customers or students via Email invitations.
  • Face to face with HD video & audio: Support 16 HD video conference streams and HD VOIP voice.
  • Screen sharing: There are three ways to share your screen; share desktop, share application or share region.
  • Content sharing: You can share almost all kinds of common files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Text.
    • Collaboration tools: Such as whiteboard, remote control, private or public chat and annotation & drawing tools.

    The free version of the app does have a limitation as you can only conference less than three attendees simultaneously.

    Download EZTalks

    Also Download Old Versons
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